Bazaar at UNPAM

Bazaar at UNPAM – As we know that sometimes an event could be happens once in a while, Bazaar is an activity that is regularly held two objectives which is to facilities members to promote and market their product, secondly as a means of obtaining income for organization. Through the bazaar, you as a business actor can introduce your business products to bazaar visitors. Even though the bazaar event only lasts a few days, the opportunity to expand the business wings will be very wide open. The possibilities that occur after participating in the bazaar such as the increase in the number of new customers and product orders also automatically increase.

For some people, bazaars are one of the best ways to validate your business idea or product that you are selling. This is where you can chat directly with buyers or visitors who are interested in your product. You will learn directly from visitors if they don’t buy your product, their opinion about your product and many other questions that will be answered when talking directly with visitors.